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eClaim solution simplifies your health care revenue cycle solutions.

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December 2023

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An illustration depicting the revolution in healthcare finances. Vibrant colors, data symbols, and futuristic elements represent the impact of business intelligence and analytics on the industry.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Revenue Management: The Impact of Business Intelligence and Analytics

Healthcare Analytics & BI: Your Secret Weapon for Revenue and Practice Success Facing billing complexities and stagnating profits? Healthcare analytics and business intelligence (BI) are your roadmap to a streamlined, revenue-boosting practice. Ditch the guesswork and unlock growth with data-driven insights. Why Analytics Matter: Optimize Revenue Cycle: Real-time data...

Comparison of medical billing modifiers 59, 25, and 91 - ensuring accurate coding and reimbursement in healthcare practices

How to Use Medical Billing Modifiers 59, 25, and 91?

Clear communication is vital for accurate medical billing and seamless insurance reimbursement. Modifiers serve as clarifiers that bridge the gap between complex patient care and billing codes. Among the most commonly used are 59, 25, and 91 - but each has a specific purpose. Navigating the...