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eClaim solution simplifies your health care revenue cycle solutions.

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Healthcare Billing Services

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Hospital Billing Services


Many healthcare organizations complain about poor hospital billing services. Billing services play an essential role in making an organization efficient and profitable. Hospitals struggle to manage their finances because of their work. Everyone is an expert in their respective field as in medical practice. If the medical practice does try to manage their finances too that will put the organization out of balance. The best way to overcome this problem is to outsource your hospital billing services. This will help you save your time and finances at the same time.

Our Core Values



Our team consists of certified medical billing specialists. They are highly experienced, extremely skilled, and adapt in all areas of medical claims billing.


Whether it’s the eClaim Solution team or our specialized range of services, we believe diversity allows us to meet the unique needs of each customer.


Our equipment is up to date. We use latest medical billing technologies and employ healthcare IT industry experts to provide the best medical billing services.

Hospitals have long existed in most countries, but many developing countries still lack modern hospitals, advanced equipment, and trained staff, because of this people do not always receive the benefits of modern medicine, or hospital care that they need. This is really important for our society and for the hospitals too. Having a modern hospital, advanced equipment can improve the overall healthcare system and impact many lives. This would benefit the hospitals too, by having advanced equipment and machines you can save time and increase accuracy.

Today Science and technology have evolved to new heights. Advancements in medical research, engineering, and biotechnology have produced a vast array of new treatments. Many conditions that could not be cured a decade ago like smallpox, polio, malaria, and more are now curable. This has helped many people, many lives are saved. Technology has also taken a huge leap, some of the advanced medical equipment are, artificial organs, robotic surgery, health wearables, and more, because of the advancements in technology medical practice has also been improved.

Medical billing services and coding play a huge role in maintaining hospitals and medical offices.  Medical billing saves time and energy in the medical practice and helps manage patients’ data and demographics. Medical facilities rely heavily on insurance providers. eClaim solution makes their profit by charging those who hold policies monthly fees, or premiums.

Accurate medical billing and coding are important to make sure that patients aren’t left paying more or less and their insurance is charged for the correct services. This is really important, if there is any error in the medical billing or coding it can get your claim rejected, and that could put the hospital at risk. Outsourcing to eClaim solutions saves you from any errors and helps you save your time and energy.

Process of Hospital Billing


The hospital billing process is really easy. It can be divided into nine simple steps:

  • Application Forms
  • Establishing financial accountability for the visit
  • Check-in and check-out procedures for patients
  • Examining coding and billing compliance
  • Claim preparation and transmission
  • Payer adjudication is being monitored.
  • Creating patient bills or statements
Medical Billing

When you schedule an appointment, you are pre-registering with your doctor. If this is your first visit to that doctor or provider, you will be asked to supply personal and insurance information to begin the appointment.

Today’s healthcare system is evolving rapidly, not just with regard to patient needs and new treatment developments, but also in the often unseen arena of medical coding and billing. While much of healthcare is front and center between the doctor and patient, much is still left to be done when the patient leaves the doctor’s office or hospital. For those who manage this behind the scenes, it can often become overwhelming with the ever-constant changes in guidelines and regulations. The medical billing and revenue cycle management process, however, is vital to healthcare providers as it allows them to receive reimbursement for the treatment provided to patients, and thus keep their doors open for business.

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What is billing service and types of billing in the hospitals?

There are three basic types of systems: closed, open, and isolated. Medical billing is one large system part of the overarching healthcare network. The healthcare network includes everything from medical billing to best practices for patient care, health institutions, and private practices.

What is the difference between professional billing and hospital billing?

The only difference between physician billing and hospital billing is that hospital or institutional billing deals only with the medical billing process and not with medical coding. Whereas physician billing includes medical coding. The appointed medical biller for hospitals only performs duties of billing and collections.

How does billing work in a hospital?

During check-in, you provide your complete personal and insurance information to the front desk. During check-out, your medical report will be generated and then sent to a medical coder. This will be translated into an actual medical billing code and a superbill is generated that is sent to the medical biller

Why are hospital bills so expensive?

Health care costs are growing faster than the economy, and a big portion of those bills is paid by employers and those with commercial insurance coverage. Health care costs are growing faster than the economy, and a big portion of those bills is paid by employers and those with commercial insurance coverage.

How to negotiate medical bills?
  1. Try negotiating before treatment.
  2. Shop around to find cheaper providers before your service.
  3. Understand what your insurance covers ─ and what it doesn’t.
  4. Request an itemized bill and check for errors.
  5. Seek payment assistance programs.
  6. Offer to pay upfront for a discount.
  7. Enroll in a payment plan.

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