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Demystifying Same-Day Office Visit and Skin Test Billing

In most medical practices, it’s generally uncommon to perform allergy immunotherapy treatments on the same day as allergy testing. However, there are scenarios where your allergy practice might consider doing so, and navigating the coding guidelines for such cases can be quite challenging.

Official CPT coding guidelines stipulate that “evaluation and management (E&M) codes reported with allergy testing or allergy immunotherapy are appropriate only if a significant, separately identifiable service is administered.” In such cases, modifier 25 is employed.

In essence, your practice can indeed bill for E&M services alongside a procedure, but with specific conditions. If you choose to use evaluation and management codes, it’s imperative to furnish precise medical documentation of the separate service.

Understanding E&M Medical Coding in the Context of Allergy Care

To dispel the confusion surrounding this topic, it’s crucial to bear in mind that E&M procedures are assigned a global period code, which includes values such as 000, 010, 090, XXX, YYY, ZZZ, or MMM. These global periods dictate how E&M billing codes can be employed following a procedure.

While these global period designations impose stringent restrictions on the appropriateness of E&M coding and modifier 25, there’s one exception—the “XXX” designation. This designation applies to procedures performed by physicians and encompasses inherent pre-procedure, intra-procedure, and post-procedure work each time the procedure is carried out. Interestingly, many allergy procedures fall under this “XXX” global period designation.

This means that allergy procedures aren’t subject to the same rigorous rules as other procedures under different global period designations. For most “XXX” procedures, physicians can perform a significant and separately identifiable E&M service on the same date as the procedure, and this can be reported by appending modifier 25 to the E&M code. Utilizing modifier 25 in this context is considered correct coding practice.

Understanding Evaluation & Management (E&M) Codes

Evaluation & Management (E&M) codes encompass procedures related to evaluating or managing a patient’s health. A wide spectrum of healthcare professionals employs these codes for various follow-up procedures, particularly after minor or major surgeries. E&M CPT codes are typically found in the range of 99202 to 99499.

What is Modifier 25?

According to the American Medical Association, “Modifier 25 is used to indicate that a patient’s condition necessitated a significant, separately identifiable evaluation and management (E&M) service over and above what is typically associated with another procedure or service reported by the same physician or other qualified healthcare professional (QHP) on the same date.”

Troubled by Medical Billing Codes? Consider Remote Billing Experts!

There’s a more efficient way to manage billing codes—through remote billing experts. Remote billing teams can handle all the tasks your in-house billers do, and they often come at a lower cost. Not only are remote billing experts more cost-effective, but they are also trained to stay updated with the latest medical billing rules and regulations. This means you’ll receive top-notch medical billing services without the need to manage compliance or invest in training.

With so much to gain and so little to lose, outsourcing your medical billing team could be the ultimate solution to long-standing billing inefficiencies, including E&M coding.

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Image promoting Remote Billing Experts as a solution for medical billing code issues.
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