Medical Billing Services

Amplify your income, Decrease your costs

Need to amplify your income, decrease your costs, increment your accumulations, and enhance the proficiency of your medical practice? eClaim Solution Administrations is an awesome arrangement. Our group of specialists will help increment your effectiveness by taking control of entangled charging matters, and unmatched innovation stage will help enhance your income. eClaim Solution creative innovation stage joined with demonstrated experience has helped a huge number of medical practices succeed.

Medical Transcription Services

Comprehensive customer support

Undertaking medical transcription in-house would imply that the healthcare practices have to manage resources, technology, turnaround time and all other costs associated with the medical transcription. Medical transcription outsourcing makes things immensely simpler and hospitals and healthcare centers. You can take advantage of our first-rate, next-day medical transcription services at the remarkably low rate of 4¢ per 65-character line


Credentialing, EFT/ERA Enrollment

Credentialing & Re-Credentialing

eClaim Solution offers a straightforward credentialing strategy with no Pressure or Stress with a center spotlight on your repayment rates.

EFT/ERA Enrollment

Confronting issues of missing checks, let’s get enrolled and get easy payments direct into your bank accounts.

Denial Management & Appeals

Revenue Cycle Operations

The environment of health care is changing and the volumes of patients are on the rise with the newly insured and deductible plans are putting added pressure on revenue cycle operations. Denial Management Improves payment recovery by enabling a provider to capture, identify and correct the root cause of denied claims and to resolve them. A critical step in (RCO) is billing a process is to resubmit any claim that is not received by the insurance company or the claims need to be corrected and resubmitted.